Tyco Operating Hopper Cars
In 2008, I got the bug to start collecting the Tyco Operating Hopper Cars. I had a Holley Sugar car that I had bought as a kid in the late 1960s. It has always been one of my favorite cars. I never had the actuating track for it and I never used it to carry and dump anything (sugar?). One of the guys in my model railroad club, the Nazareth Area Society Of Model Engineers (NASME) would bring out a string of red Burlington and silver Virginian cars during our shows and I thought they looked pretty neat. I helped him pick up a couple of cars from others that had flea markets during the shows. The bug hadn't hit yet. Then recently, I saw one of the hoppers dump its load of coal over one of the pits automaticly and that did it .... the bug bit. OK, so now I was going to collect the operating hoppers. I did some research .... what were the road names that Tyco had sold them under? I couldn't find the answer. I finally found a Yahoo Group, Tyco_Trains, and started asking questions there. One of the guys there, Gerry, gave me a list of the different road names. I'm a visual person, I like pictures. Gerry had pictures. Great, now I knew what the cars looked like. Gerry also gave me a brief lowdown on prices and availability of the cars. I thought this would be the start of a great web site. I got Gerry's permission to post the pictures that he had sent me and I was off, creating this wonderful Tyco Operating Hopper web site. Then when I had created all the pages describing all the different types of cars and having all the nice pictures, I found out that Gerry had already done this .... years ago. Nothing like reinventing the wheel. Oh well. I was going to concentrate on just this one aspect of Tyco's line, I was/am going to bring together information from all the different web sites about the Tyco Operating Hopper. I want photos of the different road names. I want photos of the different boxes the cars came in. I want photos of the different sets that the cars came in. I want photos of the pieces that came in the sets. That is what I'm doing on this web site. I intend to use it as a one-stop reference center for the Tyco Operating Hopper.

So, here is my attempt at that web site.
A Brief History
The Cars
The Boxes