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When Louis Marx went out of business the dies were bought by Model Power. Model Power cars can be identified by the scratched out circle where the MARX logo was on the bottom of the car. The other circle on the bottom now says "Made In China" instead of "Made in USA" or "Made In Hong Kong". The Marx logo on the tank cars is on the top of the frame, so it can only be seen when the tank is removed from the frame.

  1. 366295 - CSX - B&O - Black

  2. 357621 - Pennsylvania - Tuscan

  3. Recycled Steel - Black

  4. Recycled Steel - White

  5. 63290 - Soo Line - White

  6. 1248 - Southern - Silver

  7. 789131 - Southern Pacific - Black

  8. US Army - Green
Table of Contents