9942a - Sears Allstate set
Please note: Photos posted are from set owners and may not be totality correct or complete. Some substitution by owners may have occured. I have tried to note any omissions or corrections. Anyone having corrections or additions, please let me know: swinter@marx-trains.com.

Set end flap.

Box top.

This set is missing the tractor cab, engine is missing the side rod and incorrect version of box car.

0-4-0T New Haven (missing side rod) #20

This is the correct version of the Santa Fe box car with the Sears logo. Doors may be black or orange.

Black Lehigh Valley hopper car with load.

Blue Allstate tank car sometimes faded to green.

Erie flat car with tractor trailer.

Western Maryland gondola.

New Haven bay window caboose with or without window trim.