Marx HO Track
Information provided by Allan Osterud
Marx offered two different types of HO track. The track sold by Sears was stamped tin with a rail profile similar to today's Lionel FasTrack. The pins were formed in the ends of the rail sections, and the joints were not very smooth. It was similar to some Fleishman track of the period, except the pins were on opposite rails so you could not use the two brands together.

Montgomery Ward refused to sell sets with the Marx track, so all Marx HO sets sold by Montgomery Ward came packed with Atlas Track. Marx made and sold adapter sections to connect one style of track with the other, and an order form packed with the trains with the Marx style track often included those track pieces. Several of the operating cars came packed with Marx style track for the actuating section, and adapter pieces were needed to include the operating track section in an Atlas track layout. The same applies to some of the trackside signals and to the overhead block signal.

A small number of "Great American Railroads" HO sets also came packed with Atlas track. Many retailers besides Sears and Ward sold Marx HO, and most of those sets came with the Marx produced track.

Marx also offered a plastic roadbed in both black and gray which could be attached to either type of track. The roadbed sections had clips molded into the roadbed that helped to hold the tracks together.
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