Marx Tank Car Notes
This is a list of notes that I've gathered on Marx tank cars. New notes will be added as I get them.

The Marx logo is found on the top of the frame - the part between the frame and the tank. Be aware that the Model Power tank car uses the Marx mold so that the parts are interchangeable. This means that the Model Power frame could be switched with a damaged Marx one to make a "mint" Marx car. The only way to check is to separate the frame from the tank.

Recieved an email from Steve Rademacher on this one. He says that of the 20 or so Model Power tank cars that he owns, they all have a small raised oval on the underside of the center sill. The Marx cars don't have this oval. Some of the Marx cars have a number that looks like it has been scratched on the plastic.

Photos by Steve Rademacher.
This shows the underside of the Marx frame on the left and the Model Power frame on the right. Note the small raised oval on the middle section of the Model Power frame and the scratched number on the Marx frame.

Another photo showing the raised oval on the Model Power car.

Photo of the six variations of the X-415 - USAF - Hydrocarbon Rocket Fuel tank car.
There is another variation on the three white tank cars because the white tank often faded to a beige color.

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