Marx Packaging Notes
Many of the cars and accessories were sold separately in either a box or on a blister card. There were at least two different boxes. There was the open box and the closed box. The open type box probably came in the sets and the closed boxes were the ones on the hobby shop's shelf. The blister card package seems to be ones that were sold in department stores where items could be hung on hooks.

This is a photo of the black Lehigh Valley hopper car in an open type box. I have not seen this type of box with a cellophane window, so I think this box only came in the sets.

Here's the same Lehigh Valley hopper car on a blister card.

Packaging was a little different for rolling stock sold through Sears / Allstate.

Here is an open type box in one of the Marx sets.

This is another open type box in a set. Photos of this type of box have been in the battery operated sets.

This is a closed type box in a set. Photos of this type of box have been in the battery operated sets.

Some of the accessories were available on a blister card ...

While others were available in a variety of boxes ...

and this type of box ...

and also this type of box.

The set boxes came in a great variety also.

The more common box ... came in blue or red.

Complete set, including power pack. Large open window box.

Alligator skin box.

Sears/Allstate box.

Another Sears/Allstate box.

Colorful, eye grabbing box.

A box with just the train; no track, no power pack, no accessories.

Very un-common box. I have been told that this set was sold in England only. I have my doubts about that since this set is U.L. listed and says "Great American Railroads".

Marx also made a number of battery operated sets. The batteries were placed in a control box disguised as a station. The battery operated equipment came with large, non-working, knuckle couplers.

Battery operated set box number one ...

Another battery operated set ...

And another battery operated set. Note though this set says OO Gauge. This was another set that was sold in England only. Another interesting thing about this set is that all the rolling stock came as "undecorated", no markings at all.

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