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1. Most of Marx equipment are not painted, but molded in the particurlar color. Some of Marx blue cars would fade into green. An example of this would be the B&M box car that is listed here.

2. Most of Marx equipment has the "Marx" logo molded on the bottom of the car. It is a circle with a large X and MAR through the middle. (The type used as background on this page.) The tank cars have the logo molded on the top of the frame and can only be seen when the body is lifted off the frame.

3. Marx battery powered equipment came with the very large non-working knuckle coupler.

4. On the index for each car type, if an item is preceeded with an *, that means that it was not listed in any price guide. All prices are estimates, no guarantee is implied.

5. Marx track was not compatable with any other HO track. I have found Marx adapters that join the Marx track on one end and the NMRA standard rail joiner on the other.

6. The Marx covered hopper, Lehigh Portland Cement #109, has been reproduced by Model Power using the Marx molds. At first glance, the Marx car and the Model Power cars are the same, BUT the Marx car has a "LDWT" of "50300" and the Model Power car has it at "50900". Beware that someone has tried to put a Model Power car body on a Marx frame.

7. The boat on flat car: the Marx boat has more detail - blue port holes, gold anchor, etc than the boat that was sold as a toy... the less detailed was not a train load but does end up on flat cars.

8. Several different molds for the automobile load have been found ... the cars should be marked Marx to be a train load.

9. The bulldozer is a copy of the Matchbox Moko Lesney 18A bulldozer... the Marx load is marked "Japan". The non Marx bulldozer load is marked Lesney or Matchbox.

10. Exactly what model is the F unit?? Many price guides call it an F7. I have had diesel spotters call it an F3 and I've had modelers and collectors call it an F2. I think in one catalog Marx calls it an F7. On this web site, it could be called any one of the three, it depends on who I got the information from or when I got it. One day I'll go through and edit all the pages and call it an ... F3.


A - General History

B - Box Car notes

C - Caboose notes

E - Engine notes

F - Flat Car notes

G - Gondola notes

H - Hopper Car notes

P - Passenger Car notes

T - Tank Car notes

W - Trucks notes

x - Packaging notes

Z - Track notes
Table of Contents