Marx Gondola Notes
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The Chesapeake & Ohio gondola came in three base colors: Black, Blue and Red.
Chesapeake & Ohio black gondola.
Chesapeake & Ohio blue gondola.
Chesapeake & Ohio red gondola.
The blue gondola would fade into green.
The red gondola would fade into orange.
Southern Pacific gondolas came in brown, gray & silver.
Western Maryland gondolas came in red or gray. I don't consider the gray unlettered car a Western Maryland car since it doesn't say Western Maryland. Plus I have never seen a gray Western Maryland gondola with a number on it.
There were unlettered gondolas in gray .....
..... and black .....
..... and yellow with some really unusual hook and loop couplers. This car comes in one of the Marx/Rosko sets.
There was even a gondola from Green Giant.

1. - The cars with the large non-working knuckle couplers are from battery operated sets.
2. - The cars with the unusual hook and loop couplers are from Marx/Rosko sets.

UPDATE - I've found an anomaly with the gray Western Maryland Fast Freight gondola. On some cars, the Western Maryland herald is on the third panel from the right. On other cars, the herald is on the second panel.
These two cars are from battery operated sets.
Because the inside of the car has the large metal weight exposed, the light gray car probably came with a coal load.
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