Marx Flat Car Notes
This is a list of notes that I've gathered on Marx Flat Cars. Steve Rademacher has shared the following photos on some of the differences of Marx Flat Cars.

Marx had a lot of different loads on their flat cars.
Here a boat load is on the Erie depressed center flat car #7210.

The boat was also mounted on Erie flat car #6028.

Erie flat car #6028 was used to carry one truck ...

Or two cars ...

Or four cars.

It may have not carried any load at all.

Flat cars came with two searchlights and a generator ...

Or one searchlight and a generator ...

Or just the searchlight.

Or just the generator.

A flat car also came with two bulldozers, but the bulldozers also came with or without driver.

The Lehigh Valley flat car came with lumber ...

Or it also came with poles.

The poles also came on the working dump flat car.

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