Marx Engine Notes
This is a list of notes that I've gathered on Marx engines. These first few notes have been what I have noticed among the models that I have.

There have been a number of dummy GP7s appearing on EBay... they're easy to make but Marx didn't make any. All Marx GP7's were powered.

The AT&SF GP7 #934 is 8 wheel drive, having the drive shaft between the front and rear trucks. It also has metal handrails, a horn on the left side of the long hood and a working headlight on the long hood.

The New York Central GP7 #5772 is 4 wheel drive, no drive shaft between front and rear trucks and the front truck is not geared. It does not have handrails, no horn or headlight. As I was transfering handrails from a spare AT&SF unit to my NYC unit that I thought had its handrails missing, it became quite obovious that the handrails didn't fall off the engine. This engine didn't come equipped with them.

The New York Central GP7 #930 has the metal handrails. I believe that it is an 8 wheel drive engine. I don't know about the horn or headlight.

Photo shows the drive shaft between front and rear trucks on the 8-wheel drive engines. This is most often missing from engines on ebay. I have seen replacement drive shafts made from toothbrushes.

This photo shows the most general setup of the Un-Powered units. Some of the dummy trucks will have wheelsets that have gears on them. All (?) Marx F3B units were non-powered units. I haven't found any powered ones.

The port hole windows on Marx F3's are closed. If the windows are open, it's not a Marx shell or it's one that has been modified.

This engine was reported to me to be a Marx engine. It is not. It is a Gilbert / American Flyer HO engine. There is a web site dedicated to Gilbert HO at

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