Marx Caboose Notes
This is a list of notes that I've gathered on Marx cabooses. Steve Rademacher has shared the following photos on some of the differences of Marx Cabooses. Some of the Marx cabooses were offered with and without window trim. There also was a group that had metal ladders, separately installed marker lights and horizontal antennas. The battery operated sets offered styles that were unique on their own.
Page 1 is Bay Window, Page 2 is Cupola, Page 3 is Work

Bay Window Cabooses

Santa Fe bay window cabooses in a varity of colors. Top row is the tuscan without window trim (left), on the right is the caboose in yellow, second row are the tuscan and the red. All cabooses have the number 2226. These four came with window trim and without window trim.

Green Western Pacific cabooses, without window trim (top), with window trim (bottom).

The three versions of the New Haven bay window caboose.

The black New Haven is the rarest of all Marx cabooses. There are two versions of it also, one with white lettering and one with orange lettering.

A recent ebay auction had the black New Haven engine and caboose selling for over $150.00.

Rock Island bay window caboose.

The Northern Pacific and Union Pacific bay window cabooses.

New York Central caboose 20298 in four versions: dark red without and with window trim on the left and the tuscan version without and with window trim on the right.

Here is the same caboose in green.

There is also a New York Central caboose that does not have a number and has the large knuckle couplers. Not sure if it was available with window trim.

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