Marx Box Car Notes
This is a list of notes that I've gathered on Marx Box Cars. Steve Rademacher has shared the following photos on some of the differences of Marx Box Cars.

All the box cars had two different molds. The difference is the placement of the door latch. The B&M box car below shows the latch above the rivet line on the door (top car). The middle car has the latch below the rivet line.

Marx had a real problem of the blue cars fading into green. Here is a sample of the Boston & Maine car.

The Union Pacific box car was produced in both dark red and tuscan. This photo shows how little difference there is between the two colors.

The New Haven box car was produced as a plain static box car (top), and as an action car (bottom). The lever on the bottom of the car would open the door and the man with the hand truck slides forward.

The Northern Pacific Fast Freight box car was made from two different molds, the standard common mold (top) and the upgraded mold (bottom). The upgraded cars are very rare. Both cars have the large non-working knuckle coupler which would lead me to believe these cars were in a battery operated set.

The upgraded mold was also used to produce this box car that was only available in a battery operated set. The car has no road name, only XP. Did Marx know about future computers?

The New York Central box car came in two flavors, Pacemaker (top) and Early Bird (bottom).

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